Detailing Your Car Like a Pro
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Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

If you've ever paid to have your car professionally detailed, then you know how expensive this service can be. As someone who cares deeply about my car and wants to maintain its value, I like to have my vehicle detailed on a regular basis. It wasn't until recently that I actually began detailing my own car. After buying all the supplies I needed, I was able to detail and wash my car just as thoroughly as the professionals for a fraction of the price. If you're interested in learning how to detail your own car, you've come to the right place!


Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

Automotive Detailing – Preparing Your Car For A Harsh Winter

Lonnie Brown

Winter is peeking its ugly head around the corner – it's time to prepare for the worst that Father Winter can throw at you. Winter is so hard on a vehicle, but if you get things ready before the first flake falls, your car will be more likely to make it through without too much damage. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you prepare your car for the upcoming winter.

Get it Detailed

This is the perfect time to get your car detailed. Get all of the summer grit and grime cleaned off before winter piles more on top of it.

When your car is detailed, the exterior is given a good cleaning – difficult stains are removed and a fresh coat of wax is applied. The wax is essential in surviving the winter without new rust spots come spring. You probably know how hard the rock salt that they use on the roads is on your car – the wax will provide a protective coating to keep the salt from penetrating the clear-coat and causing corrosion.

Upgrade the Floor Mats

The interior of your car will go through a lot this winter. All of the slush, mud and salt that you'll be tracking inside the car, not to mention what the kids do to the back seat – it will all become a disgusting mess in the carpeting without upgraded floor mats. Look for plastic or rubber mats that are designed to fit your car – they have higher sides and will trap all of the mess until you remove them and dump them out of the car.

Winter Treads

If your car doesn't do well in the winter, upgrading to winter treads will help you get around much safer. The easiest method of using winter treads is to get a second, cheaper set of wheels to put the winter tires on. Then, when the first snow draws near, you simply have to jack the car up, remove the summer wheels and tires and slide the winter ones in place. Then, have the summer wheels detailed and put them away until the final flake falls in the spring.

This will get your car through the winter, but it will all need to be done again this spring. If you fail to get all of the salt off of your car, corrosion will form – but the spring-cleaning will decrease the chances of that happening. Talk with your local auto detailer, such as at Detail Time, to learn more about preparing your car for winter.