Detailing Your Car Like a Pro
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Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

If you've ever paid to have your car professionally detailed, then you know how expensive this service can be. As someone who cares deeply about my car and wants to maintain its value, I like to have my vehicle detailed on a regular basis. It wasn't until recently that I actually began detailing my own car. After buying all the supplies I needed, I was able to detail and wash my car just as thoroughly as the professionals for a fraction of the price. If you're interested in learning how to detail your own car, you've come to the right place!


Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

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Lonnie Brown

If you haven't visited a full-service car wash before, learn about what a local car wash business offers to its clients. The wash stations and cleaning products that are available for use will allow you to take better care of your car than you have up until now. 

Fully-Automated Equipment

Fully-automated car wash stations eliminate any manual labor during each visit. Modern car washes come equipped with soap dispensers, automatic scrubbers and buffers, rinse equipment, and more.

Some full-service car wash businesses offer an online payment platform. This type of platform can be used to prepay for all of the wash and dry cycles that you are seeking in the near future. A business will also offer an on-site payment kiosk. This type of kiosk is typically set up alongside the area where patrons need to drive when entering a car wash station.

Attendant-Operated Equipment

Attendant-operated wash stations are ones in which an employee of a car wash will provide services. An attendant oversees the washing and drying processes that a client seeks. They may also provide support with vacuuming or shampooing upholstery and carpeting inside of a vehicle. If you would like your car wash experiences to be thorough and customized, using an attendant-operated wash station or vacuum station may be of interest to you.

Savings For Frequent Users

Some car washes reward their customers for the number of purchases that they make. This may come in the form of free wash sessions. Find out what type of savings are offered at the car wash business that you plan on visiting. If there is an incentive that you can sign up for, it may be worthwhile for you to wash your car on a regular basis. The savings that you ultimately receive will ensure that you receive the most value for the investment that you make upfront.

Onsite Products For Purchase

Commercial car wash businesses use high-quality detergents, wax products, and shampoo products to clean and shine exterior and interior surfaces. Once you have accustomed yourself to using these products, you may be interested in purchasing some similar products to use at home. If the car wash business that you choose to visit has an on-site shop that features automotive products, stop by it during one of your visits. The products that you purchase can be used during impromptu car maintenance sessions that you perform on your residential property.

Contact a local car washing service to learn more.