Detailing Your Car Like a Pro
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Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

If you've ever paid to have your car professionally detailed, then you know how expensive this service can be. As someone who cares deeply about my car and wants to maintain its value, I like to have my vehicle detailed on a regular basis. It wasn't until recently that I actually began detailing my own car. After buying all the supplies I needed, I was able to detail and wash my car just as thoroughly as the professionals for a fraction of the price. If you're interested in learning how to detail your own car, you've come to the right place!


Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car?

Lonnie Brown

Auto services apply a ceramic coating on your car's paint to achieve a glossy look. Ideally, waxing can improve your car's appearance, but the wax can sometimes wash off easily. Fortunately, a ceramic coating contains chemicals such as quartz or epoxy that bond with your vehicle's paint for many years. Additionally, ceramic coating is available as nano-coating, formulated as smaller particles, increasing the coating's bonding properties. While a ceramic coating application sounds like a good car upgrade, you may not be sure whether or not to apply it to your car. So, are auto ceramic coatings ideal for your vehicle?

The Pros of Applying a Ceramic Layer

A ceramic coating offers various benefits, including:

UV Protection

Prolonged exposure of your car's paint to the sun's UV rays can cause peeling, cracking, or fading. Fortunately, auto ceramic coatings offer protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Stain Resistance

Your car paint may stain or etch when it comes into contact with chemicals, making your vehicle unattractive. Fortunately, many auto ceramic coating services offer stain resistance, maintaining your vehicle's original color.

Scratch Protection

A car ceramic coating prevents light scratches from damaging your car. But if the scratches are already there, you can cover them with the layer, improving your vehicle's appearance.

Easy Cleaning

A ceramic coating is water-repellent. Therefore, water can slide from a coated vehicle surface quickly. This makes car surfaces easy to clean your vehicle, and you spend less time in the car wash.

What You Shouldn't Expect a Ceramic Coating To do

The following are things that people usually think a ceramic coating does but simply isn't the case:

Offer Protection Against Significant Physical Damages

A ceramic coating provides an improved car finish. While the layer shields your vehicle against light scratches, it may not protect against deep scratches and extreme paint chipping.

Prevent Water Spotting

Water usually contains minerals such as calcium. Hence, when the water evaporates from your car's surface, the minerals remain, resulting in visible spots. Though auto ceramic coatings can repel water, this doesn't necessarily mean it prevents spotting.

Makes Car Cleaning Unnecessary

Ceramic coating reduces the maintenance requirements of your car's exterior. However, dirt and debris will still stick to the layer, and regular car washings are necessary to keep your vehicle clean.

A ceramic coating protects your car against light scratching, UV rays, and staining. The layer also makes car washing easier. However, the ceramic coating doesn't prevent deep scratches, chipping, and spotting. Additionally, the coating requires regular cleaning. Therefore, establishing whether auto ceramic coatings are ideal depends on your preferences, but its pros often outweigh the cons. Contact auto ceramic coatings service near you to learn more.